GouSwarga – where complete comfort to cow is the central concept

Cows are not in confinement here; they roam freely in spacious, serene enclosure. Shine or shelter as per their choice; out of the total space of one lakh square feet, 70% is open to sunshine and rest 30% is covered by shelter; there are no walls! Cows can be where they feel the comfort. Fodder, which is healthy and tasty, is grown under Sugrasa scheme in poison-free method of agriculture; it is available to cows all the time and they can feed on the fodder they like, they are free to eat as much as they like! Clean and healthy natural water is available for cows in stone-made gigantic vessels at all times! Cow shed is designed in such a way that calf can play in front of its mother’s eyes all the time. Calf is the first claimant of mother’s milk; in case mother’s milk is insufficient, there is alternative arrangement. No risk of illness; healthy environment on one side, well equipped cow clinic on the other. Guaranteed facility of natural birth, natural living and natural death is provided to cows: No artificial insemination; adulterated cross-breeds won’t be seen here; No artificial living. Cows will languish in the security of secure shoulders of GouPremis; there is no threat of getting landed with slaughterers!
Dear GouPremis! Our beloved devotees! We have another wish which is as big as building GouSwarga; that is sharing the comfort of GouSwarga with each one of you. ‘एक: स्वादु न भुंजीत’ – ‘one shouldn’t savor sweets all alone’ – this is an old saying. We don’t think anything in this world could be sweeter than GouSwarga. Come, let’s build the GouSwarga together; if we say ‘let’s see paradise while living’ it will be an understatement; let’s build a GouSwarga -cow paradise – here on earth which is superior to paradise! Let’s make this world a beautiful paradise!
~*~*~ Translated blog of Sri Samsthana SriSri RaghaveshwaraBharati MahaSwamiji

Located in Bhankuli of Siddapur Taluk, this is a goushala started on 27th May 2018 under the management of Kamadugha Trust®. Presently this is the goushala with highest cattle rearing capacity of 1000.Currently there are 727 cattle among which 339 are cows, 301 bulls ,87 calves. There are 15 different breeds. About 2.5 acres of pasture is available for grazing freely. Green grass is grown in different areas nearby in a land of 45 acres in total. Breeds: Malenada Gidda, Hallikar, Baragur, Gir, Krishnavyali, Kankrej, Devani, Dangi, Raati, Tharparkar, Amritamahal, Sahival, Nimari, Kilari, Jawari

Products: Gobar and Gou based products such as Arka, Swarga Sara, Dashasara, Pot, Briquettes

“The wishful dream of Gouswarga had to be realised by us, it should be a reality in our own land; it should be realised without any haste”, these seas of feelings had us gearing up towards swift action.

It was our own Bhankuli Matha which came into our mind. A natural picturesque beauty, lying amidst the green peaks of Sahyadri mountains this place is situated in Uttara Kannada near Siddhapura. Bhankuli is synonymous with lush greenery. It is an abode of the cooling breeze. Somewhere situated in between small hill ranges was a patch of large paddy field. A small pushkarini built by our ancestors. Sparkling and crystal clear water runs at the banks of this paddy field.We discovered the source of unending water supply in the midst of the paddy field. We even could feel the existence of our Aradhya sarvadevata at that place. The Supreme God of our Matha, SriSeetaRamachandra, Sri Chandramouleeshwara, SriRajarajeshwari, SriAnjaneya, our unbroken lineage of ancestral guru-parampara including the supreme god of this place Itagi’s Sri Rameshwara, SriBhuvaneshwari of Bhuvanagiri- the seven highest spiritual podiums which enlighten the world were present in the soul form in the water to perform a highly auspicious duty. This was where we decided to build Gouswarga. It did not take long for the decision from our heart to transform to our tongue and transmute to the land in form of construction. It is in this heaven on earth Bhankuli that world’s first and the only Gouswarga has come to life in lightning speed.