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Gouswarga is a unit of Kamadugha Trust (R) – A holistic mission of Shri Ramachandrapura Math to popularise the benefits of protecting and conserving Desi cow (Bos Indicus) to mankind through historical evidence and research based outcomes.

Gou Swarga took shape to provide a comfortable heaven for cows on earth, devoid of all the difficulties and drudgery. Gou Swarga is a special gou Shala aiming at providing a fearless fortress for cows of the breed Bos indicus and also to prove the economical benefits of Bos indicus cows apart from considering them just as milk yielding machines. World's first Gou Swarga is built near Sri Ramadeva Bhankuli Mutt in Siddapura in Uttara Kannada of Karnataka, which is a branch of Sri Ramachandrapura Mutt, Hosanagar whose current pontiff is Sri Raghaveshwara Bharathi Swamiji. The specialty of Gou Swarga id that, it was inaugurated within 80 days of the start of its construction. Gou Swarga aims at the total comfort to the cows which live here. Cows are not in confinement here. They roam freely in spacious, serene enclosure. Shine or shelter is as per their choice; out of the total space of one lakh square feet, 70% is open to sunshine and rest 30% is covered by shelter. There are no walls.


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We heartily wished for a peaceful and blissful place on Earth for Cows away from suffering and pains of every kind. That was the exact moment of birth of our wishful dream-heaven on Earth:- Gouswarga! Vision turns into Mission/Fulfilment of the dream.“The wishful dream of Gouswarga had to be realised by us, it should be a reality in our own land; it should be realised without any haste”, these seas of feelings had us gearing up towards swift action. Saptasannidhi – Right in the mid of the lake,in the architectural mantap- there exists the divine presence of the seven devatas in the form of water: SriSeetaRamachandra, Sri Chandramouleeshwara,SriRajarajeshwari,SriAnjaneya,Our unbroken lineage (Guparampara), Itagi’s Sri Rameshwara, SriBhuvaneshwari. Goteertha:  At the Centre of Gouswarga is a huge lake covering 10,000 Sqft., surrounded by thousands of cows. This lake having a pure natural water is especially formed to quench the thirst of these cows.

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Right in the mid of the lake,in the architectural mantap- there exists the divine presence of the seven devatas in the form of water namely:

  1. SriSeetaRamachandra
  2. Sri Chandramouleeshwara
  3. SriRajarajeshwari
  4. SriAnjaneya
  5. Our unbroken lineage of ancestral guruparampara
  6. Itagi’s Sri Rameshwara and SriBhuvaneshwari

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Gou Theertha

A hundred feet, spacious crystal clear Lake in the midst of Gouswarga.

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In the four directions surrounding the lake, eight Satsang stages are built for cow related cultural programmes as a means of auditory entertainment to the cows and for various discussions regarding the cows.

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Go virama

A spacious relaxing shed for the cows protecting from sun and rain.

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a place where fodder is placed in govirama for the cows to enjoy their feed in relaxation.

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A highly spacious place bulit for the cows to enjoy the sunlight in peace and freedom

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A stone tub filled with water placed at regular intervals for the cows to quench their thirst.

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An internal bylane separated into four paths to take the visitors from prekshapatha- to the saptasannidhi in the mid of lake amidst the cows.

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Pradakshina Patha

interested people can have the blessings of cow and the supreme lords by circumblating the go teertha and saptasannidhi.

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Sada Trupthi

A place of continuous supply of fodder for cows

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Preksha Patha

A huge lane built for the visitors to enjoy the sights of Gouswarga and to circumbulate it.

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Gograsa bhavana–

the production and storage unit of fresh fodder required for the cows.