There isn’t anything as pleasant and peaceful as Gouswarga according to us. Come together, let us all be a part of its administration. It doesn’t do justice to explain it as a heaven on earth, let us create a place better than heaven – Gouswarga on Earth when we are alive. Let us make this place of existence beautiful heaven. Param pujya Srimad Jagadhuru Shankaracharya SriSri Raghaveshwara Bharathi, SriMahaswamiji, SriRamachandrapura Matha


We heartily wished for a peaceful and blissful place on Earth for Cows away from suffering and pains of every kind. That was the exact moment of birth of our wishful dream-heaven on Earth:- Gouswarga! Vision turns into Mission/Fulfilment of the dream.

“The wishful dream of Gouswarga had to be realised by us, it should be a reality in our own land; it should be realised without any haste”, these seas of feelings had us gearing up towards swift action.

It was our own Bhankuli Matha which came into our mind. A natural picturesque beauty, lying amidst the green peaks of Sahyadri mountains this place is situated in Uttara Kannada near Siddhapura. Bhankuli is synonymous with lush greenery. It is an abode of the cooling breeze. Somewhere situated in between small hill ranges was a patch of large paddy field. A small pushkarini built by our ancestors. Sparkling and crystal clear water runs at the banks of this paddy field.We discovered the source of unending water supply in the midst of the paddy field. We even could feel the existence of our Aradhya sarvadevata at that place. The Supreme God of our Matha, SriSeetaRamachandra, Sri Chandramouleeshwara, SriRajarajeshwari, SriAnjaneya, our unbroken lineage of ancestral guru-parampara including the supreme god of this place Itagi’s Sri Rameshwara, SriBhuvaneshwari of Bhuvanagiri- the seven highest spiritual podiums which enlighten the world were present in the soul form in the water to perform a highly auspicious duty. This was where we decided to build Gouswarga. It did not take long for the decision from our heart to transform to our tongue and transmute to the land in form of construction. It is in this heaven on earth Bhankuli that world’s first and the only Gouswarga has come to life in lightning speed.